Session 1:Future of Entertainment: KeynoteRescheduled to Feb 1st

A broad look at the current and future state of the entertainment industry. This should include a look forward as industry members prepare for what is coming, as well as grounded in the current shifts in the industry. Keynote Speaker:Ramona Pringle
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Session 2:Creation, Ideation & ProductionFeb 8th

Whether you are producing video games, film/tv, music, fashion or immersive tech, production is rapidly changing. This session will look at the role of new technologies in creation, ideation and production, now and into the future. Panel DiscussionLed by Ramona Pringle

Session 3:Marketing, Monetization & DiscoverabilityFeb 15th

Marketing, monetization, and discoverability play key roles in cultural industries. New technologies and platforms can create opportunities and barriers to both marketing and monetizing your creative products. This session will provide an overview of the current and future landscape, enabling a look ahead as you develop business strategies for your entertainment initiatives. Panel DiscussionLed by Ramona Pringle

Session 4:Audience Development and ExperienceMarch 27th

Audiences are a key part of the entertainment industry but can also prove to be elusive with so many players in the space. This session will look at how to navigate the platforms and players as you find and grow your audiences, how to use new platforms and tools, and what is on the horizon for the future. Panel DiscussionLed by Ramona Pringle