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The 25 Hour Day Accelerator is a 6 month online coaching & mentorship program that teaches self-employed creatives and creative entrepreneurs, step-by-step, how to leverage Launchpad’s resources to develop and execute, or dramatically enhance their own long-term career strategy. Upon completion members will have developed the strategic skills that are necessary for them to rapidly accelerate their creative businesses + careers and will be armed with best-in-class industry specific processes that allow them to execute their creative initiatives more efficiently.
IMPORTANT NOTE: As a Launchpad Bursary recipient your participation in “The 25 Hour Day Accelerator” is mandatory. Please ensure that you select your preferred time ASAP, as your continued access to Launchpad’s resources is subject to your participation (and there are limited spaces available per timeslot).

The Team

Founder / CEO
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ColinResponse is an international award winning recording artist, the global ambassador of the luxury spirit brand Moët-Hennessy, and the founder of The 25 Hour Day, a company that teaches creative entrepreneurs how to master the personal productivity habits and strategic skills necessary for them to rapidly grow their businesses. Pioneering a wholistic approach that permeates the foundation of the major creative industries, ColinResponse boasts a roster of high-performing clients across a broad spectrum of creative professions (entertainment, music, film/TV, industrial design, and marketing).
Dylan Rudder
Chief Marketing Officer / Personal Performance Coach
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From being the official Playoff MC for the NBA Champions –the Toronto Raptors, to sharing the stage and interviewing some of this era’s top talents, such as platinum recording artists “MadeinTYO” and Fetty Wap; A–List actors Antoni Porowski and Dan Levy; and NBA champions Serge Ibaka and Norman Powell, this on-stage personalities seamless approach to engaging with audiences is as palpable when commanding arenas of thousands, as it is when he is leading the dialogue for intimate panel discussions. Off-stage Dylan leverages his background in marketing to provide profitable insight and marketing solutions to clients like GT's Kombucha, Nike, Lantic Sugar, Microsoft, CIBC, BMW, and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for The 25 Hour Day, an organisation founded to teach creative entrepreneurs and visionaries how to execute the vision they have for their business more effectively.
Ammar Abdul Raheem
Leadership / Strategic Development
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Ammar Abdul Raheem is the founder of AmmarOriginals, a creative agency dedicated to engaging audiences and bringing communities together by highlighting the positivity, people & progress in the world.Born on one of the deadliest days of the Gulf war in Baghdad, Iraq, Ammar immigrated to Toronto in 1999, where he now leverages the diverse experiences of the two countries he calls home to inspire unique community campaign strategies that allow major brands like Roots, Starbucks, Arc’teryx and Tim Horton’s to connect with their consumers more effectively. AmmarOriginals’ creative approach to consumer engagement can be seen through their various national campaigns featured on international platforms like VICE Media, CBC, as well through client success delivered by The 25 Hour Day where he serves as the head of leadership and community development.
Marlon Peters
Executive Creative Coach
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Marlon Peters is an Executive Creative Coach at The 25 Hour Day, and the Programming and Event Coordinator for IGNITE, an organization that services events and programming for over 60,000 full-time college and university students on an annual basis. Marlon has been personally responsible for planning and executing all aspects of event management and programming for some of the world’s most celebrated artists, actors, sports icons and entertainers including Lil Yachty, Charlamagne Tha God, Hasan Minaj, Iskra Lawrence, Sophia Bush and Arlene Dickinson.
Program Sessions