How is Launchpad ensuring the health and safety of members using the facilities?

While Artscape Daniels Launchpad has been closed, the team has redesigned the floorplan in the Creative Studios and the Commons to ensure physical distancing while members work.  In the Commons, we have marked seating for our members to ensure they are working at a safe distance from others in the space.  Launchpad has also extended its Creative Studio hours to provide more opportunities for safe access; The new hours are: 9am-9pm to match the co-working hours.  Upon entry to Artscape Daniels Launchpad, all members will be required to fill out a health screening form, asking them if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or if they have travelled or been exposed to infected people in the last several weeks. The results of the health screening form will then demonstrate whether the member can permit entry and needs to be shown to the Launchpad member services team before entry. As well, members will be required to sanitize hands upon entrance to Artscape Daniels Launchpad and wearing face masks will be mandatory.  Finally, cleaning and sanitization has been increased at Artscape Daniels Launchpad to ensure clean workspaces and common areas. There will be numerous sanitization stations complete with hand sanitizer, a spray cleaner and paper or cloth wipes throughout the spaces and members will be asked to sanitize their workspaces before and after use.

Is it required to book space every time at Launchpad now?

Yes, for this phase, you must book Creative Studio or Digital Media Lab space in advance of coming to Launchpad to ensure that we are not exceeding the maximum number of people allowed in the space.To book creative studio space, please do so through Nexudus as has been done in the past.Launchpad Members can now book the Digital Media Lab directly using the mobile app Passport by Nexudus (Download it through the App Store or Google Play). Or they can book through the website.We no longer require Members to book co-working space in advance since we have arranged for Sugar Hall in the event that we reach our room capacity for the Commons and the Spine.NON-MEMBERS AND NON-PAYING CLIENTS ARE CURRENTLY NOT ALLOWED TO ACCESS THE CREATIVE STUDIOS AND COWORKING SPACES IN ORDER TO PRIORITIZE THESE SPACES FOR OUR MEMBERS

What screening process will be in place for people entering Artscape Daniels Launchpad?

Before entering, please complete the short health screening questionnaire on your phone available here. Once you complete the steps, you will receive a green screen to indicate you are welcome to enter or a pink screen to indicate that you must wait as you may have come in contact with COVID-19*. You will need to complete this questionnaire every time you enter the space until further notice.  Please show your screen results to the Member Advisor at the front desk and wait for their acknowledgement before entering.  *Your information will be stored securely and confidentially for 90 days to positively trace potential contacts.

What happens if I or another Launchpad community member tests positive for COVID-19? 

Please seek medical help and remain at home until you are symptom free. The member should also immediately notify Launchpad staff of the situation so that we can ensure the safety of our community by tracing contact within the space and conducting a full sanitization of our facilities. 

What happens if I have recently travelled?

If you have recently returned to Toronto from travelling, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to Artscape Daniels Launchpad. During this time, please monitor your health according to Ontario Public health recommendations.

What should I do if another Launchpad member is not respecting social distancing?

We request that all members follow social distancing requirements within Launchpad facilities. However, if you encounter another Launchpad member disrespecting social distancing requirements, please inform a Member Advisor or a Studio Technician about your concerns as soon as possible. The member will then be asked to respect boundaries around social distancing. If the behaviour persists they will be asked to leave Artscape Daniels Launchpad.

How do I request changes to my membership?

If you would like to change your membership type, please contact Member Services at or reach out to us on the Launchpad Connect Slack workspace instead of contacting the Member Advisor at the front desk to help maintain social distancing. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

When will my billing resume for my membership upon re-opening?


How will the closures affect my annual membership?

The expiration date on annual memberships that were paused during the COVID-19 closures, will be extended by the length of the closure (approximately four months). IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR MEMBERSHIP PLEASE CONTACT LAUNCHPAD.MEMBERSHIPS@ARTSCAPE.CAIf you are a corporate member seeking information, please connect with Amanda Blair Roberson at for more information.

Is Artscape Daniels Launchpad accepting new members?

Yes, we will open up our applications for new membership starting on August 1, 2020, pending our COVID-19 re-opening. See our membership page for details.

What is happening to my existing bursary?

For those who had their bursary extended prior to the pandemic, your bursary will be reinstated on July 13th, 2020 and end on September 30th, 2020.

Will you be opening a new call for Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursary applications?

We are planning to open a call for applications to the Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursary this fall.

What are the hours of operations?

Launchpad’s Creative Studios and the Commons will be open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM seven days a week.

 The Digital Media Lab will be available for Launchpad members to book during specified periods of time between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. These time periods will be limited and subject to change, but will be offered to members at a reduced rate and with increased technical support. For further information, please contact

How do I seek support from Member Services?

Our Member Services team will be on site to provide support for lockers, FOB key issues and wayfinding our facilities. 

To minimize exposure during physical distancing requirements, please contact us at 437-779-0604, or via the Launchpad Connects Slack workspace for any questions regarding Nexudus, and changes to membership and/or bookings.

Are we still allowed to bring guests? If not, when can I expect to bring guests?


Can I bring my child to Launchpad?

For health and safety reasons, children are not permitted into the Creative Studios but are otherwise welcome at Artscape Daniels Launchpad.

Will meeting rooms and project rooms be available for social distancing?

During the early days of our re-opening, two project rooms will be used as an extension of the Computer Lab to ensure physical distancing. The remaining project rooms can be used freely by members. Cleaning supplies will be provided in each project room for members to use before and after the use of the room. Meeting rooms will continue to be available for rentals.

Are there any changes to the Computer Labs?

The Computer Lab will have a maximum capacity of three people at any one time. To accommodate more computer use, we have dedicated two project rooms to include computer workstations.

Are there any changes in the Creative Studios?

Yes! We have made significant changes across each of the five Creative Studios. Each space has been redesigned to incorporate member feedback as well as the Toronto Public Health and Province of Ontario health and safety recommendations. Equipment and workstations have been rearranged to ensure 6 feet distances between members working in each of the Creative Studios.  While using the Creative Studios, masks will be mandatory for all Launchpad members and Studio Technicians. There will also be sanitizing stations provided in each of the Creative Studio areas and cleaning wipes to sanitize equipment before and after each use. During the day, Studio Technicians will regularly clean door handles, equipment, and other high-touch surfaces to keep the Creative Studios sanitized.  As well, the maximum number of members in the Creative Studios at any time has been lowered to ensure physical distancing, while the Creative Studios hours of operation have been extended to 9am to 9pm.  For more information about specific Creative Studio changes, please read our blog post.

What are the maximum capacities for each of the Creative Studios and the Digital Media Lab Studios?

The Textiles and Fashion Studio: 6 members The Jewellery and Fine Metals Studio: 4 membersThe Digital Fabrication + Electronics Studio: 4 membersThe Woodworking Studio: 4 members The Photography Studio: 3 peopleThe VFX Studio: 4 peopleThe VFX Control Room: 2 peopleThe Green Room: 2 peopleThe Sound Recording Control Room: 1 personThe Sound Recording Live Room: 1 personThe Audio Booth: 1 personThe Edit Suite (Large): 1 personThe Edit Suite (Small): 1 person

How do I book the Creative Studios when you reopen?

Launchpad’s booking process has not changed. Please book into a Creative Studio using the Nexodus Member Portal. If you experience any problems, please use the specific email address for the studio that you need access to or the cell numbers listed below. You can also direct all studio enquiries to these addresses and cell numbers once we have reopened: Textiles & Fashion Studio Fine Metals & Jewellery Studio Digital Fabrication, Electronics & Woodwork Studios: For general enquiries about the Creative Studios or if you are not sure which email address to use you can also contact:

What PPE will be required in the Creative Studios?

As in all Launchpad’s common spaces, a face mask will be required in the Creative Studios. We’d also like to ask members to bring their own studio specific PPE and tools wherever possible, this will ensure safety in the space due to limited availability of resources and increased sanitisation.

Will Safety Orientation Workshops (Studio 101s) be running when Launchpad re-opens?

Unfortunately, due to limited capacity, and in person nature of these sessions, we will not be running the Studio 101 Safety Orientations for the Creative Studios during the early days of our re-opening. Please stay tuned to the weekly Member Update enews for details on when these workshops will restart.

Will Creative Studio Workshops (Studio 201s/301s) workshops be  running when Launchpad re-opens?

Unfortunately, due to limited capacity, and in person nature of these sessions, we will not be running the Studio 201/301 workshops for the Creative Studios during the early days of our re-opening. Please stay tuned to the weekly Member Update enews for details on when these workshops will restart.

Will I have access to the Community Kitchen in the Commons?

During the first phase of Launchpad’s reopening, the Community Kitchen in the Commonswill be roped off and inaccessible. In our second phase, The Community Kitchen in the Commons will be limited to one member at a time. At this time, please bring your own utensils and dishware and as we will not be provided shared food service (plates, cups, etc.). Unfortunately, we will not store your food in the fridge or your utensils and dishware in the sink or cupboards overnight.