A Coworking Membership includes access to the Commons, high speed internet, access to the computer lab, collaboration opportunities plus a 25% discount on learning programs and workshops. A Full Access Membership includes the same benefits as Coworking, but also allows members to use Launchpad’s Creative Studios, Digital Media Lab (additional training and certification may be required, fees may apply), access to lockers, as well as unique mentorship opportunities. For membership details click here.

During the application phase, you be prompted to add a credit card or Visa/MasterCard debit card during the application process. You will only be charged once your application has been approved. This card will be used for automatic payments of membership fees, orientations and studio trainings, workshops and events.

All Launchpad members are required to pay a one-time of $50 for orientation where they will receive their Fob plus a review/tour of Launchpad’s space, studios and operations. Full Access Members must complete Studio 101 orientation ($50) before they can access any studio. Members can also sign up for more advanced studio and equipment training.

In accordance with our membership agreement, monthly fees for those Under 25 will be adjusted to the 25 and Over rate on a member’s twenty-fifth birthday.

All members must have a credit card or Visa/MasterCard debit card on file for monthly payment of membership fees, room bookings and other incremental charges.

Memberships can be put on hold for a minimum period of two (2) weeks and a maximum period of eight (8) weeks once per year. A suspension form must be completed with Member Services at least one week before the period requested and cannot be back-dated. A one-time administration fee of $25 will be charged to the member’s account.

Memberships may be upgraded at any time. If a membership is upgraded between billing periods, the member will be charged the difference in the fee on the remaining days in the membership. For instance, if a coworking member wanted to upgrade to a Full Access Membership and there were 12 days left in the month, they would pay the difference of the membership fees for the 12 days. If a member has already paid for an annual membership in full, they will be charged the sum of the difference in monthly fees.