The program, open to 15 participants, will be a combination of in-person, and virtual learning sessions dedicated to helping emerging creatives explore innovative approaches to their work – highlighting the impact and power of technology within the arts.

What to expect:

+ Three months of focused coaching, mentorship, and industry connections

+ Access to curated creative entrepreneurship programming, including a 12-month membership to ADL

+ Optional credits to use at Launchpad studio spaces and premium programming

+ An opportunity to showcase their work in this year's Nuit Blanche


If you...

  • Are an emerging artist
  • Have an interest in technology, culture and interdisciplinary practices
  • Have a background in the arts
  • Are looking to innovate your craft, and adapt to new and emerging technology
  • Are looking to gain a new perspective on technology and the arts

Then apply today!


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Application Deadline:

Friday, April 14th, 2023, 11:59PM EST.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Tracey Onakoya at [email protected]. 

Supported by a generous gift from:

The Ray Ferris Estate

With additional support from:

About Ray Ferris

Ray’s interest was in the application of mathematics, and as an extension, computer technology to the creation of art. He had some formal art training, and in studying composition, he became aware that natural growth patterns can be expressed through simple (and sometimes complex) formulas. As a scientist, mathematician, and computer technologist, Ray attempted to express nature and sometimes pure math concepts in art. Ray’s palate was mathematics, his canvas a computer screen, works were created as a series of formulas, filters and transformations, always with an eye to his current inspiration and essential elements of colour and composition. The final rendering was done on a high-speed computer, the printing on state-of-the-art wide bed printers. The subject matter could be a flower, ice crystal, or last night’s dream. He believed the image he sought already existed, and it was his task as an artist to find and share it.